Disaster Relief Fund for Tornado Victims, Texas

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has published a preliminary finding on their storm surveys.The strongest tornado struck Garland and was rated an EF-4. This was the first EF-4 tornado in Dallas county since the Lancaster tornado back in 1994. The Garland tornado continued into Rowlett and eventually Collin County. Another significant tornado struck northern Ellis county and southern Dallas county. Hundreds of structures were destroyed and many lives were changed forever.

We at TPV Global US, Inc. (A non – profit organisation) are fundraising for Tornado Victims of the city of Garland and Rowlett.

Courtesy to our Mayors:

Douglas Athas
The Mayor, City of Garland

Todd Gottel
The Mayor , City of Rowlett

We have set a Goal of: $10000

Campaign Period: January 2016 - February 2016

Mode of disbursement: $25 & $50 Gift Cards

Campaign Executives:

Frixmon Michael
(President, TPV Global US, Inc and Member of Board of Adjustments, The City of Rowlett, Tx)
PH: 4696605522

Joseph Devasia
(Secretary, TPV Global US, Inc.)

Shaji Neerackal
(PRO, TPV Global US, Inc.)


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