‘Let Everyone See’


A. Providing opportunity for every blind person to gain sight.
B. Providing opportunity for the permanently blind to live a full life.


Eye donation to become a norm globally.

Developing such movements in other parts of the country and the world.

Our Strategy

It is designed as a movement. Our strategy is to work with existing networks of organizations and corporate groups to create awareness on blindness, with a focus on eye donations. Working closely with the global, Government, private and NGO initiatives, the role of the volunteers will be a key factor in this movement.

Our Activities
  • Running a campaign, focused on Bangalore to promote donation of eyes, leading to a total eye donation status for Bangalore and eventually for Karnataka and rest of the country/world.
  • Creating a system and infrastructure for donation of eyes and for transplantation like eye banks and transplant centers.
  • Training of doctors and Para medicals to engage in eye harvesting and transplant.
  • Implementing a program for cataract identification and operations.
  • Creating facilities for persons with blindness to improve their conditions of living and access to basic needs.
  • Promoting their talents in art and culture.
  • Awareness and advocacy work to promote their rights.
  • Care of destitute persons with blindness.
  • Establishing training centres for professional training