Eye Banking

An Eye bank is an organization that collects, stores, and distributes the donor eyes for the purpose of corneal grafting. It is estimated that there are over 200 eye bank in India of which only 30% are practically functional. No eye bank can function without proper organizational inputs. In a vast country like India with multi-religious and multi-ethnic society, the eye bank's responsibility is enormous. In our country home deaths are common without proper medical records. Hence an eye bank has to be equipped to collect precious corneas round the clock, to screen for donor diseases, assess the tissue for suitability, to preserve the tissue and its proper distribution for utilization.

Eye Donation Centre

It is peripheral centre of an eye bank which helps in better functioning.
It is located in urban area for population >2 lakh
EDC is affiliated to a registered eye bank.

Functions of EDC

  • Local publicity –public and professional awareness about eye donation
  • Co-ordinate with donor families and hospitals to motivate eye donation
  • Registration of donors willing to pledge eyes
  • Collections of donor eyes and their blood sample for serology
  • Initial processing, packing & safe transport of tissue to parent eyebank
Duties of Eye Bank or Eye Donation Center
  • Collect as much data as possible
  • Donor details:name, age , diagnosis, cause of death
  • Caller name, hospital, Phone number, address

Eye collections are to be performed within 6-8hrs

  • On reaching the donor premises doctor first gets consent form filled up and signed by next of kin ( ask for donation form or donor card if present )
  • Next Blood samples of donor are collected for - HIV , Hepatitis- B ,Hepatitis C and syphilis
  • Eye is enucleated carefully
  • Enucleated eye is transferred to wide collection bottles with moist cotton roll.
  • Eyes lids are closed without causing disfigurement
  • Refrigerate as soon as soon as possible at 40C & send immediately to eye bank
  • Never freeze collection bottle

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