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The Project Vision is back with Bangalore Blindwalk’15

BANGALORE BLINDWALK’15 took place from in Cubbon Park (MG Road) to St. Joseph’s Indian High School. The unique walk was flagged off by Hon. Justice A. J. Sadashiva. Rtn. P.V. Rai, District Director- Community R.I. District 3190, Dr. T. K. Ramesh, Director and Medical Superintendent, Mr. Jeevan, Director & CEO, Indelox Services Pvt. Ltd., Tabler Naveen Raju, Chairman, Round Table Area 6 and Tabler Priyesh Shah, Secretary & Treasurer of Round Table Area 6 were all the guests for the walk.

The walk had over 1000 people in all, 800 blind folded led by 100 blind persons and helped by 100 volunteers from St. Anne’s College, from different walks of life participated with the primary goal of giving the visually challenged an opportunity to see. Coinciding with National Eye Donation Fortnight ( 25th August to 8th September), the walk has been organized by The Project Vision with Rotary International the primary objective of spreading awareness on blindness and to educate the public on avenues of pledging one's eyes. More than 80 organizations were represented at the walk.

Indelox Services Pvt. Ltd, Project Management Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd., EPCOS India Pvt. Ltd., Bell Technologies and Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd, Belawal Foundation, Kewaunee Labway India Pvt. Ltd., Medina Plastics, Rtn. Raghav Reddy, Director, Public Image, R.I. District 3190, Sankara Eye Hospital and Eye Bank, Globe Eye Foundation, GVK EMRI were the sponsors for the BLINDWALK. St. Anne's College, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Christ Pre-University College, Indian Academy of Degree College, St. Joseph’s Indian High School were our partners for the BLINDWALK.

The Visually Challenged participants were from Snehadeep, Adithya Trust and many other partner organisations.

After the walk everyone pledged to donate their eyes and be compassionate to the needs of the visually challenged. We had a cultural performances by the visually challenged, songs by Snehadeep, Adithya Trust and Dollu & Mime by Shooonya group.