About Us

There are 39 million people across the globe that is blind. India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people with 15 million persons. (WHO 2010)

As regards our home State of Karnataka, a national survey on blindness has shown that barely 50 per cent of the people in Karnataka have near normal vision and prevalence of blindness is more than the national average. Covering 40,000 people all over the country, including 3,200 in Karnataka, a survey by the National Programme to Control Blindness has pointed out that 13.7 per cent of the population in the State suffers from blindness as against the national average of 8.5 per cent. Thus we cannot be blind to this issue. It needs our immediate attention.


‘Let Everyone See’


Providing opportunity for every blind person to gain sight.


Eye donation to become a norm globally.
Developing such movements in other parts of the country and the world.

Dreaming for the unseeable!

The fact of every third of the 39 million blind in the world being an Indian challenged us.
A group of fifty of us took the challenge.

The outcome was The Project Vision.

A new vision was needed. We came out with a movement model.
An army was needed to make it successful. We invented the concept of Vision Ambassadors.
We knew that creative programs were critical to spread the message. We did worlds’ first Blind Walk.
We knew that the visually challenged needed our caring touch. We organized the VISION15 New Year program for them.
We knew only advocacy can make major changes. We organized the World Sight Day with the Union Health Minister.
Many had made lifelong commitment to the field. We instituted the Project Vision Awards.
Eye care and rehabilitation of the visually challenged beyond Bangalore is a major challenge. We have started to establish a world class center.
An eventful first year of Project Vision has been completed. Here is our annual report.
You journeyed with us and made it possible. THANKS.
Achieving great feats need a great deal of planning.
We have put our minds together to compile our dreams for the next five years.
Vision 2020 Strategic plan of The Project Vision is presented here.


Inviting to journey with us.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital