World Sight Day

We at the Project Vision observed World Sight Day 2014. We had a very good program with over 500 people who attended it and Sri Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare was the Chief Guest for the day.

Recommendations to the Government were headed by Dr. Fr. George Kannanthanam, Director of The Project Vision and Team comprising of:

Dr. Chandrasekhar Shetty —Member, NPCB,
Dr Mahabaleswar- President, KOS
Dr Solanki, President, BOS
Mr V S Basavaraju, DNA

We presented a set of eight proposals to the Government of India on the occasion along with Karnataka Ophthalmology Society(KOS), Bangalore Ophthalmology (BOS) and Disability NGO Alliance (DNA).

  Eyes of the children are not generally checked in their initial years. Eye Check-up for children to be mandatory as they enter the school system.
  Comprehensive Eye Screening of the poor by strengthening the existing infrastructure for eye-care at the Taluk at District levels.
  National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) can use the cost effective SMS pledging countrywide for effective creation of awareness about Eye donation.
  Taking the cue from Karnataka, every state in the country should have a dedicated helpline number for the public to reach an eye bank. Karnataka has a dedicated 104 health helpline call number to reach an eye bank.
  Hospital based Cornea Retrieval is the best source for useful corneas. Parliament has enacted Required Request law mandating the hospitals to ask for eye donation. There is need for effective awareness creation among hospitals and doctors.
  Government could initiate Eye Registry on the lines of Organ Donation. This would help to effectively use the corneas and provide corneas on “First come First Served” basis.
  Eye donation to be made a norm in the society considering the large numbers waiting for the cornea transplant through a movement promoted by the Government.
  Creating mechanisms to ensure that the required request law mandating hospitals to ask next of kin of the deceased about eye donation and register the reply on death certificate is implemented.

Presidential Address, HON. Sri Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that “blindness is one of the diseases that the Government of India has identified to be tackled with special attention. More than legislation, greater awareness and social and religious movement is effective in promoting eye donations that can benefit a large number of people. Concerted efforts from a small group of committed can lead to great results in addressing the issues of the visually challenged”.

Vote of thanks was given by Mr. L Subramani, Sub Editor Deccan Herald.


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