World Sight Day Awards

Despite our gained knowledge, sadly, our efforts are not always successful but we have few eminent persons amidst us who have understood their difficulties, recognised their abilities and learn how to co-operate and communicate with them in a social as well as hospital environment. They are born with an ability to change someone’s eyes and today there are heroes for many people around the world. We have instituted awards to honour people who have been diligently working day and night towards the betterment of the Visually Challenged. This year 2014 WORLD SIGHT DAY AWARDS were given to:

Ms. Antoniamma- for organising 3000 Cataract Operations

Antoniamma who is 66 years old has taken care of all who were in need more than her life for past 13 years. She has been tremendously proven what real human being is and she is a living example who thought us a lesson that nothing is impossible. We all love to see the whole world with our eyes, she made it possible for more than 3000 people who would love to see the world and she is been the heartbeat for many by raising funds for heart operations by welcoming them to their life.

As we all know everyone work hard day and night for their basic need and for their daily bread and Antoniamma has worked hard to feed more than 20 people every day without fail. She is the right example for live and let live.

Mr. Gurudev and Team - for nearly 300 Cornea Collections

Mr. Gurudev who has his own team in Doddabellapur who believes to see the beautiful things in this world who also believes that others who cannot see should see the beauty of this world. He and his team from past 2 and a half years have successfully made it possible to collect 294 eyes and given it to Dr. Raj Kumar NetraBandara eye bank to help those who cannot see the world.

He really appreciates those children who have given him eminent support by informing about people after death and this made possible for Mr. Gurudev because he and his team has conducted awareness programmes in the nearby schools. He made sure to those who need eyes with a statement “ I am there when you smile and when you cry because when you smile your eyes shows that u smile and when you cry your tears reaches your smile.

Mr. Jayaraman -for 100 Cornea Collections and Call Center no.104

Nowadays online shopping is booming the market to buy anything you wish just one click away. Electronic Engineer Mr. Jayaraman made it that convenient and that easy to gain or pledge eye in just one SMS or call. As part of NayanaJyothi trust Bangalore based Jayaraman was overwhelmed by the number of eye donors who had registered through a website which he had launched 4 years back.Wanna Pledge your eyes send and SMS. Get eyes donated when you leave says Mr. Jayaraman who collected over 100 cornea through his organisation called Nayanajyothi.


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