Over 200 Visually Challenged persons had a special New year experience
  In all we had around 450 including guests & members present
  We had a special program organized only for them
  We didn’t have any Chief Guest they were the main guests for the day
  A new year cake was cut by the visually challenged to mark the celebration organised at the St Joseph’s college
  4th January was also Louis Braille day.
  His life story was presented to thank him
  For making life easy for the visually challenged through the Braille
  Music from Divine Melodies was the main entertainment for the program.
  Shoonya group of performing artists kept them happy with games & traditional art forms like dollu.
  Several Visually Challenged persons also exhibited their talents during the program.
  We had over 50 Volunteers from AICUF and Chavara Church.
  Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous meal to celebrate VISION’15

They walked back home with a gift hamper worth Rs.1000 each.The gift was meant to make life easier for them in 2015:

  a white cane to get them to move easier
  a talking watch to ensure they know that time
  a backpack to make them easily mobile
  a shawl to take care of this cold season

Special Thanks to:
St. Joseph’s College for providing the space
Praxis, an NGO for providing the food
Divine Melodies and Shoonya for the music and fun


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