The Founder

The idea of The Project Vision was conceived by Fr. George Kannanthanam, Catholic Priest and Social Worker. He has been involved with various social programs for the marginalised groups since 25 years. He founded the HOPE Society in 1988 to work among alcoholics and drug addicts. He lived with the leprosy affected persons at the Sumanahalli Centre for 12 years. He initiated SUPPORT centres in Bangalore and Belgaum to provide HIV affected destitute persons care and rehabilitation.

With a Masters in Social Work and Doctorate in Sociology, Fr George has written the book named THE EMPTY NEST, on the rehabilitation model for leprosy. He was conferred National Award from Government of India which was received from President Abdul Kalam in 2003, Mother Award for selfless service in 2012 and Best Citizen of Bangalore Award from Namma Bengaluru Foundation in 2013.

Fr George dreams of a world where everybody can see.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital