Strategic Programmes

Eye Donation and Transplant To make eye donation as a country wide movement, Bangalore as capital city of eye donation and generate wide spread awareness regarding the need for eye donation globally.To establish new eye banks, strengthen eye banking systems, eye donation facilities and infrastructure

Affordable Eye Care To initiate a primary and secondary eye care hospital for the rural population. School children eye screening camps and campaigns. Awareness campaign on early childhood development of visual disabilities. Mass cataract operation camps and campaigns. Inclusive Education

Support for inclusive Primary education for the children with visual impairment.Promote Sarvashiksha Abhyaan (SSA). Financial Support for secondary and higher education for the student with visual impairments.Establishment of a special school for the visually impaired children.Starting up/promoting of RCI study center (Foundation course, Diploma and special B. Ed on Visual Impairment.

Livelihood Programmes Establishment of multiple skill training centers for the blind. Creation of craft skill unit for women with blindness. Promotion of financial services (Micro Credit Schemes) for the blind.

Social Empowerment Support on social protection and counselling. Starting up inclusive self-help groups. Undertake activities towards encouragement of art, science, sports and culture for persons with visual disabilities. Promote marriage and family life for persons with visual difficulties. To provide care for the destitute visually challenged persons.

Aids and Appliances Workshops and campaigns for providing assistive devices for persons with vision difficulties. To make spectacles/assistive devices affordable and available for the community specially the lower socio economic segments of the population.

Advocacy Works To take up advocacy work with the various groups and government. To print and publish materials.

Organising Events We undertake certain specific and significant events every year to focus attention on the issue of visual impairment The major events will be Louis Braille day, women’s day, world sight day, events for eye donation fortnight, literacy day, children’s day, parents day, white cane day, world disabled day, poverty, health and environmental day.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital