Socio Economic Rehabilitation Programs

All blindness cannot be set right. Therefore The Project Vision developed activities to help the permanently blind to live a better life through socio economic assistance. Education, training, job placement, housing,marriages, self-employment and so on are the ways to provide them a new lease of life. Suresh was born blind and he says, “My parents had no words, but only tears to see me without sight. They thought my world would be empty and dark without any happiness and full of challenges. All my relatives and villagers started saying that society will not accept a blind child. They criticized that I would be of no use to anyone.” Suresh’s parents got him an admission in a residential blind school where he struggled toadjust in the new environment with his friends who were all without sight, but he perseveredwith a lot of hope, will power and self-confidence. He worked very hard to get good gradeseach year but unfortunately he had to discontinue his studies after an accident left himimmobile.Suresh is unique with a humble personality, positive attitude towards life, very friendly andrespectful. He completed his SSLC, PUC and later finished his basics in computers.

Suresh learnt mobile service and wanted to earn a living repairing mobiles and a computercenter. He needed a computer to start.TPV heeded to this request by Mr Suresh and provided him a computer. Mr Jayaraman cameforward to donate a computer. Mr Suresh now makes a livelihood with the computer centre.

Several persons who are visually challenged have been helped with education assistance, employment opportunities, housing help, aids and appliances and so on. About 300 persons were provided with white cane, talking watch and other essential materials for making their daily living easier and more comfortable.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital