A team of monitoring and evaluation experts will monitor and evaluate the progress of TPV activities on a periodical basis. Plan versus achievement will be the key aspect for quarterly, half yearly and annual evaluation. Participatory methods like group discussion, expert consultation, mapping of progress, performance assessment will be used to ensure tracking of the Vision 2020. End of every year external evaluation will be conducted.

Following are some of the key indicators will be kept in mind to assess the progress of vision 2020:

  Percentage of increase of eye donation
  Number of eye donation camps and campaign conducted.
  Number of beneficiaries successfully undergone cornea grafting.
  Number of visually impaired persons received assistive devices.
  Number of eye banks strengthened their capacity
  Number of hospitals improved with eye care facilities and resources.
  Percentage of visually impaired women and girls received health care support.
  Number of people with vision difficulties surveyed around in the four districts.
  Percentage of possible and corrective blindness prevented.
  Number of adult visually impaired persons received socio economic support.
  Number of persons trained to work in the field of promoting empowerment of visually impaired persons.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital