Infrastructural Facilities

In order to achieve the above objectives and targets, a fully-fledged empowerment resource Centre will be established in Gowribiddanur. The Centre will be equipped with well-trained human resource, equipment’s as well as affiliations from government at all levels. The main aim of the Centre is to provide eye care services, primary and secondary care, promote the empowerment of visually impaired persons and families in health, education and socio economic self-sufficiency in their lives. The Centre will have the following infrastructural facilities in the two separate plots of four and six acres each:

Plot one (four acres): Treatment, Training, Manufacturing and Management blocks

  Primary-secondary-tertiary eye care hospital —OPD/IP Blocks
  Aids-appliances/spectacle manufacturing, fitting and distribution unit.
  Multiple vocational skill and self-employment unit/ socio cultural and recreation Centre with Disability study and research unit/ orientation and mobility training unit, Braille and audio library, audio-video recording Centre, Information and technology unit.
  Office, management and training block with Conference hall with audio visual accessible features
  Amphitheatre for awareness and common programs
  Staff/volunteer quarters

Plot two (six acres) —Rehabilitation Activities and Staff residential facilities

  Education - Special school and training Centre/Residential facilities
  Home for the aged destitute persons with visual impairment.
  Residence for the staff of the Rehabilitation activities
  Villas for the staff and the volunteers
  Other units will be decided on a phased manner.


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