In order to raise the resources to achieve and sustain the vision 2020 a fund raising strategy has been developed. The strategy will include communication elements and sources of funds. Cost analysis with percentage breakup will be prepared to accomplish the strategic program. Starting from individual donors; CSR, institutional funding, foundations, government and philanthropists will be listed.

A fund raising unit will be established with trained personnel and necessary equipment’s. The team will prepare year-wise fund raising strategy with the breakup of funds required. Communication materials such as leaflets, branding documents, profiles, online gate ways will be also prepared as part of the fund raising strategy. As a result, by the end of 2020 effective communication tools and second year fund raising strategy will be in place.

The project vision website will have all the information about our activities, policies and financial matters. Social media campaign on eye donation will be launched using different social media. Different events for creating awareness and to raise the resource will be published on the web and all types of social media.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital