Estimated Results

With these interventions, we hope to achieve the following results:

  Develop The Project Vision as a national and global movement to inspire and coordinate efforts to make eye donation as a norm in the society
  Increase of cornea collection at least 20% every year
  Establish four eye banks and eight eye collection centres
  5,000,000 volunteers will be registered as eye donors.
  50,000 Vision Ambassadors to be promoted
  Media and direct campaign on eye donation will be launched every year reaching to 2 million population.
  At least10 special events every year will be conducted to raise awareness on eye care and eye donation.
  A fully fledged resource center called “Project vision Centre/Kendra will be established in Gowribiddanur with medical, education, socio economic unit’s benefiting 50,000persons with vision difficulties on yearly basis for a period of next 5 years —thus 250,000 persons with vision problems will be benefited.
  A fully equipped primary and secondary eye care hospital is established in Gowribiddanur.
  Established collaboration with major hospitals, private, NGO and Government.
  100,000catar act operations to be coordinated regaining their sight
  The school student population of about one million will be screened during the five year period and treatment and assistive devices provided to the needy identified from them.
  School, College and RCI Centre for university education for the students with visual impairment and others has been established benefiting 3000 persons every year.
  Established vocation training Centre with multi skill trades for all types of visually impaired persons, promoting self-employment of men and women with visual impairment, for 1000 persons, annually 200 persons.
  Initiated CBR programmes benefiting 5000 visually impaired persons along with other disabled persons.
  A production unit of assistive devices, fitting and training unit for visually impaired persons will be started benefiting 500 persons every year.
  Making available spectacles at half the market price
  Sports and cultural events will be launched 2 per year, totally 10, Benefiting 1000 persons with visual disabilities.
  250 marriages will be supported, 50 every year, benefiting 1500 persons with visual impairment and their families.
  Destitute care will be provided to about 100 persons residentially in the centre and to about 500 persons in the community by way of financial and other support yearly. Thus totally supporting about 3000 persons.
  Publish one book every year thus totally five books along with Writing articles and other materials
  Develop a centre for training of personnel for working for the visually challenged and train about 100 persons annually, thus totally 500 persons in five years.


Cornea Transplant
Project 'Vision' seeks to make Bangalore the eye-donation capital